Easy DIY Home Projects for Winter

Easy DIY Home Projects for Winter

It’s no secret that winter can be rough. If you live in an area with harsh cold, it can take its toll on you, but don’t overlook the toll it takes on your home, too. Prepare yourself and your house for the difficult weather to come with these easy projects homeowners can do themselves.

Protect Your Pipes

Snow? Below-freezing temperatures? Your pipes are going to feel it, too. Turn the water off to any faucet outside, including hoses and sprinklers, and don’t overlook your laundry room if it’s in the garage. You can buy insulation specifically for pipes (sometimes called pipe jackets). Leave your indoor faucets on drip to keep the water moving, especially in tubs and showers.

Keep Heat in Your Home

Start basic. If you can see a crack in the wall, heat will escape, and the cold will get in. Patch it up, spackle it, and just get it covered. You can put draft snakes along doors and windows to keep the warm air inside. If you have a chimney and you’re not using it, close the chute. Reverse the rotation of any ceiling fans in your home so that warm air is forced downward. Adding a thick rug or two to larger rooms can also add some insulation to your home.

Protect Your Attic

It may seem like the opposite of what makes sense, but if you have an attic, you want to keep it at a much lower temperature than you do your home to prevent ice dams. A hot attic can make snow melt and refreeze at the edge of the roof. This prevents drainage and can cause the runoff to then enter the attic itself. You also should make sure your gutters are clear as well. Keep the floor of the attic insulated to prevent heat from the home getting in the attic and cold from the attic invading the home.

Pool Protection

If you have an in-ground pool, you need to cover your pool during the winter months. A pool cover will keep you from having to clean the pool during those cold days when all you want is to curl up inside with a cup of tea or cocoa. It will also help keep animals from making your empty pool into their winter home. You’ll keep snow and rain out of the pool as well, further easing the burden of maintenance.

Keep Your Plants Safe and Healthy

Winter is devastating on gardens, and that includes typically winter-safe plants if it gets cold enough. The best thing you can do for your garden this winter is to get your plants shelter. If you feel industrious, you can build your own, or simply use old blankets and covers to protect them when the weather gets truly hideous. If you want to use plastic sheeting as a cover, make sure you have wooden framework to staple it firmly into to prevent it from blowing away or leaking. It will also keep the plastic off of your plants, which can be damaging.

It’s very easy to be intimidated when thinking of the frozen months ahead, especially as a homeowner, but there’s absolutely no need to be. There are so many DIY projects you can do yourself and even save some money for the holidays and the new year. Little steps all add up, and every bit of upkeep will help you and your home stay safe and warm this frigid winter.

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Tips to avoid furnace repair this winter

Tips to avoid furnace repair this winter

(BPT) – Households heating with natural gas, which is almost half of U.S. homes, are expected to spend an average of $635 on heating this winter – 22 percent more than last winter, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration – but some easy seasonal maintenance tips can make a big difference.

“There are several simple, inexpensive ways consumers can save money on utility bills this winter, and still stay warm and comfortable as temperatures begin to drop,” said Jill Murphy, a home heating and energy efficiency expert with Lennox Industries. “By taking the initiative to weatherproof their home before the start of the cold-weather season, homeowners will be able to enjoy a warmer and more energy-efficient house.”

To help consumers combat high utility bills and achieve optimum indoor comfort this winter, Murphy and Lennox suggest a few easy tips for staying safe, dry and comfortable as the cold comes:

The attic. The attic is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to heat loss. Without adequate attic insulation, your heating system will have to work harder and will be less effective as it tries to maintain a warm temperature in the home. Statistics show that older homes, especially those built before 1980, often don’t have enough insulation.

Windows and doors. Air leaks caused by cracks or holes around windows and doors can enable warm indoor air to escape and cold outside air to seep in, preventing you from maintaining a consistent indoor temperature. Murphy suggests sealing cracks with caulk or weather stripping.

Exterior walls. It’s also important to look for cracks and holes around the perimeter of your home. To identify air leaks in outside-facing walls, try holding a candle near suspect areas to reveal drafts and then seal leaks with caulk or weather stripping.

Fireplace and chimney. To prevent warm indoor air from escaping the home, Murphy also reminds homeowners to keep fireplace dampers closed when not in use; however, always make sure the damper is fully opened before starting a fire. You also should inspect the chimney cap to ensure that the chimney won’t have a smoke or water leak when you fire it up this winter.

Heating system. Keeping your heating system running efficiently is the most significant way to reduce utility bills and stay warm this winter. To reduce the potential for a breakdown in the middle of winter, Murphy recommends having your furnace inspected by certified technicians before old man winter arrives, and consider replacing a system that is more than 15 years old.

Programmable thermostats. To further maximize savings on your heating bills, Murphy recommends installing a smart thermostat, such as the Lennox iComfort E30, which works with Amazon Alexa smart home devices and is compatible with any brand of HVAC system.

The roof. The roof is your home’s first defense against falling rain, ice and snow, so it’s important to inspect it to make sure shingles are in place to prevent water from seeping inside the house. If large gaps are found, hire a professional roofing company to repair the problem areas.

By making a few minor adjustments around the house, homeowners can help alleviate safety concerns and reduce the amount of wasted energy, all while staying comfortable during the chilly season. To learn more about home energy efficiency and how to save money on utility bills, visit https://www.lennox.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Lennox.


BRRR…Weather is changing to fall – Is your furnace ready?

BRRR…Weather is changing to fall – Is your furnace ready?

So it’s that time of year again. Fall time.  When the leaves start changing well so do the morning temperatures here in Central Ohio.

So, when you turn your furnace on does it make some strange noises? Maybe it’s blowing cold air still? Uh oh- Then it’s time to find out why.  You roll downstairs and you listen to the sound of your furnace.  Do you hear any leaking sounds? How about the dreaded clanking? is this a word??? Well anyways, let’s get back to why you are here. Furnace repair in Columbus.

Now that you hear something not quite right or worse, don’t feel that warm air you were expecting what can you do.  You can run to youtube and try and become a DIY’er but this is not recommended.  Because there is electric and gas involved, these two elements could really endanger you if not handled properly.

We recommend instead, that you call the experts at Advance JHeating and Cooling.  We will come out, most days- same day – and inspect what is going on.  We will explain what that sound is or why the heat is not blowing, give you the details and always try and repair your issues first.  We don;t just sell you a new furnace.  Furnaces are being made better and better each year and many of the parts are swappable so we will do our best to keep the costs down for you.

So when your furnace is need of attention and repair, let the experts at Advance Heating and Cooling help you.

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