If you are in need of a HVAC Company in Pickerington, then you have found the right company.  We LOVE being an HVAC Company in Pickerington and serving Pickerington customers.  We have always serviced our Pickerington HVAC repair customers  fast and without compromise.

We offer AC Repair Pickerington and Furnace Repair Pickerington.  We will come to your home and find out what is happening and tell you why your ac is not cooling.  If your furnace is not turning on, then we will also diagnose the problem for you and try our best to repair it.  Only if the furnace is in such need will we recommend a furnace replacement in Pickerington to our customers. Many other HVAC companies in Pickerington will immediately try and sell you a new furnace or a new air conditioning system for your home.  We will always try and make your current one work at its peak. And again, we only recommend a new ac condenser replacement or a new furnace replacement when it is absolutely needed or wanted.

Many EPA studies abound that show upgrading and replacing your old furnace with a new furnace from the Experts at advance Heating and Cooling can be one of the best energy savings things you can do.  Your new furnace replacement in Pickerington will give you years of enjoyment as well as lower your energy costs Pickerington and just keep you more comfortable all year long.

We offer FREE SERVICE CALLS on AC Repairs now, and FREE ESTIMATES for New Furnace replacements.  So, when you need an HVAC company in Pickerington, look no further than the experts at Advance Heating and Cooling. Give us a call at 614-321-4756 and schedule your appointment today!